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Silhouettes@Pure Sales Room

Blog False Sold At The Pure Summer Casual Dress_001Smaller Stripey shoes alpha copyOk I thought to myself. “Gold it is time to step out of your comfort zone and try a sales room or two”.

So here we are at the Pure Sales Room for 2 weeks.
We have 2 items on sale. Stripes is my theme (We created a theme as it is a non theme event)

They seem like a nice bunch of people. Come over and try some demos.
You can pick up a bargain while you are here. (Event starts Saturday 20th July 2013)

I have set up a poster at Silhouettes G.Roden Collection.                                          Just touch it for a Land Mark.

See you there x

Gold Rodenberger

Silhouettes G.Roden Collection TP



New Corset and Matching Ruffle Skirt

Advert This weekend Ruffle Skirt and CorsetNew At Silhouettes This Week: Corset and Ruffle Skirt both available in 3 colour matching textures.

I really love this months new releases hope you do too. 
As a special thank you for your support. 
I have made one of the items in the photo free.
In world only and just for this weekend x

(p.s you do not have to be in any of our groups to receive the gift)

TC x Gold Rodenberger

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